The CW and ATX Television Festival Present- A FREE Premiere Screening Event

The CW Austin and ATX Television Festival invite you to attend the FREE pre-screening of the brand new CW drama-dy, Jane the Virgin and NBC’s buzzed about romantic comedy A to Z.’

As an added bonus – we will also be THE ONLY city in the country showing you a 15 minute (CW) IZombie premiere! All of that coupled with show interaction, prizes and tons more!

TV lovers can enjoy the the ‘small screen’ shows on the ‘silver screen’ October 1st, at the Alamo Drafthous on South Lamar.


Rose McIver Interview by Collider

"iZombie is based on a comic, but it seems like such a crazy idea.  What was the appeal of that show for you, and what made you want to play that character?

McIVER:  Mainly, I was super attracted to the project because the writers and producers are people that I really look up to.  I think Veronica Mars and Party Down are both fantastic shows.  And I was excited to do something that has a lot of comedy in it.  I haven’t really had a chance to do a ton of it before, and the idea of working on a project for six months, where you get to go to work and laugh every day, was definitely appealing.  I’ve done a lot of drama.  I’ve always wanted to be an actor that explores different genres and different characters, and this really couldn’t be much further from my past collection of work.  For me, it was a no-brainer.  I’m having a lot of fun on it.  It is a completely surreal show, in some ways, but at the same time, she is a girl who’s 25 or 26, and she’s going through big existential questions that I feel like me and my friends, in our own lives, are going through.  It just so happens that she’s a zombie.”


Rose McIver Interview by Collider

INTERVIEW: Recently, Rose McIver has been interview by Christina Radish for Collider. She talks about ‘Petals on the Wind‘ and her preparation on intense ballet training, about ‘iZombie‘ but also about ‘Play It Again, Dick‘ the spin-off of ‘Veronica Mars’.

Read the interview

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A few weeks ago, Rose McIver shot a new short film called « Coward » under the direction of one of her friends Karen Gillan.

Yesterday, Karen have announced via twitter that they had completely finished the short film and she’ll post a link soon.

NEWS: Rose McIver appears in the latest issue of « Digital Photo Pro » with the photoshoot by Ethan Pines for his project « Lost Boat » in 2012/2013.

"I have really enjoyed dipping my toe into comedy in the last couple of years – only really in a small capacity though so that’s something I would like to pursue. My tendency though has always been towards drama, I like stories rife with conflict and tension and suspense. Stories and characters that are put in all manner of psychologically challenging situations. I like to generate ethical questions in an audience."

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